Professionally built bicycle frames and wheels in Columbia, SC.


Bicycle Wheel Building

Your bicycle wheels are the most important part of your bicycle. They connect you to the road. We want to help you choose the best wheels for your specific application.  

Wheel Maintance

Wheels, like anything else on your bicycle, need routine maintenance. We can help keep your wheels rolling for years to come. 

Whole bike maintance

At BC Wheelworks, we have over ten years' experience of bicycle repair & maintenance. Whether you ride the road, gravel, or dirt, we are happy to work on any brand or style bike you ride. 



BC Wheelworks supports cyclists at all levels and styles of riding. We do this by keeping your bike in the best condition possible. We can help with anything from choosing a brand new bike to making your existing bike truly unique with a new set of wheels, upgraded drive train, touch points, bearings, or anything else! We can come to you to fix up your bike or meet you at local bike races and events. 

Bradley Craig is from the Knoxville, TN area and has been working on all brands and styles of bicycles since 2008. After relocating to the Conway / Myrtle Beach area in 2012 to obtain his Master's from Coastal Carolina University in Marine Science, he continues to follow his passion of bicycle building, maintenance, and repair, and he founded his company in 2017. Bradley is well-connected in the coastal cycling community and is a trusted, highly-recommended mechanic at several local bicycle shops. His personable, though technical, down-to-earth approach makes him the perfect guide to help you take your bicycle to the next level to enhance your riding experience.

In 2020, Bradley and his family relocated to Columbia, SC.  You will find him at the local trails and gravel roads testing the custom fillet brazed frames that will soon be brought to market.

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To contact BC Wheelworks, please call or text 865.268.3932 or email us at

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